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Clutch System

02 Jun 2023

The clutch system is among the indispensable issues for manual vehicles. This system, which supports you to have a comfortable driving opportunity especially in traffic, also allows you to be protected from possible accidents in traffic.
For this reason, what is the clutch system among the topics that people who will own or own a vehicle frequently investigate? The question is included. The clutch, which has 3 system features in vehicles, supports gear change, speed adjustment of the vehicle and lifting the vehicle smoothly.
What is Clutch System?
In this article, which we have prepared upon asking many questions about clutch products, we will try to convey to you all the curious about the clutch in a short summary. This system, which is located between the engine and the gearbox, supports the vehicles to gain power by being lifted easily.
To give a place to the question of where the clutch system is located, it is located around the crankshaft between the engine and the gear. This system, which affects the power torque that moves the vehicle with the engine, enables a smooth vehicle drive and enables the vehicle to accelerate.
Clutch System Parts
Clutch system malfunctions are also among the topics that vehicle owners investigate. Clutch; It consists of flywheel, clutch pressure, clutch lining and bearings. This system, which is connected to the engine, transmits the power it receives directly to the gear system, allowing your vehicle to gain speed. As possible malfunctions can cause loss of power of the vehicle as well as possible accidents, it is healthier to have it replaced without wearing out.
In case of malfunction, the clutch system softens or becomes more rigid. In such cases, you should have the vehicle checked immediately and have the replacement or repair process done quickly. You can contact our company for all detailed information about clutch parts and learn all the necessary information from our authorized personnel.
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