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Caliper Repair Kit

02 Jun 2023

Our company, which produces caliper repair kits, provides a reliable service with its product groups and satisfies its customers. Although essential parts come to mind when it comes to spare parts, the caliper kit is also of vital importance for vehicles. So, what is a caliper repair kit? The caliper set is an important part of the brake system, which can be seen directly at first glance, manages the wheels and carries out all the operations related to the stopping of the vehicle.
This part, which works in integration with the brake system, provides support for the production of the vehicle's power. The most important point to be considered in the caliper kit is to have it checked at regular intervals. It is recommended that you change the caliper kit before going out to traffic in such cases, especially since caliper failures will cause you to encounter undesirable situations in traffic.
Brake Caliper Malfunction
Caliper repair kit malfunctions are also curious. Heat-related faults usually occur. However, caliper failures can also be seen in vehicles in extra cases. While all faults except heat are repaired, the caliper kit must be renewed in case of thermal faults. When the caliper fails, the following symptoms occur.
• The brake pedal becomes sensitive and too soft.
• There is noise from the brake system.
• The status of pulling left and right is seen in the vehicle.
• Leakage of brake fluid is observed.
• Even when the brake is released, it returns to its normal position late.
• In case of slowing down for a long time even though the brake is pressed
You can contact our company to get more detailed information about our preferred spare part products for caliper repair kit failures and you can learn the answers to all your questions about this subject from our authorized personnel.
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